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Contact me if you have ANY questions.

Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!

Pay securely with any major
credit card through PayPal!

CONDITIONS AND NOTES (standard disclaimer stuff, but you MUST read and if you buy, you are agreeing to all the conditions below.  I'm a nice and fair guy so I am happy to work with you for a successful and happy sale, but I respond poorly to flakes.):



  1. NOTICE: Within 5 business days YOU MUST either remit payment or contact me regarding payment or the sale WILL be rescinded and you WILL be flamed royally on feedback and your Brittany Spears CD will skip endlessly.

  2. PayPal (Credit Cards) highly preferred for fastest shipment.

  3. Money Orders, Cashier's Check & Personal Checks OK (all must await FULL bank clearance ~10 business days).

  4. NO CASH! NO COD! (Don't even ask!)


  1. All items are "as is" so buyer beware.  ASK if you have concerns BEFORE you bid.

  2. All items for sale are as depicted.  I have made every attempt to show and describe the entire condition honestly (as my well-earned eBay rating should attest) but I can make no guarantee or warrantee on anything.
    I'm just a guy getting rid of stuff, I ain't Sears.

  3. There are NO returns or refunds except for VERY VERY MAJOR discrepancies.

  4. If in the unlikely chance that a return IS accepted by me, then the buyer will still be responsible for all return shipping costs.


  1. Buyer pays for all shipping, tacking and insurance costs, even for returns.

  2. Shipping will be from San Francisco, California U.S.A., Postal Zip Code 94102.

  3. Check the listing above for the weight or email me.

  4. Will ship USPS, UPS or the shipper of your choice if available.
    Note: UPS will not ship to PO Boxes.

  5. If you win and can't pay shipping, you are only hurting yourself so if you CAN'T, then DON'T!

  6. If you are in the S.F. Bay area, pickup/delivery may be possible, just ask.

  7. USA Sales- tracking and insurance are optional, but highly recommended.

  8. Outside USA Sales- tracking and insurance will be REQUIRED for all.
    Please see USPS or UPS to calculate your shipping charges.



I am happy to answer ANY questions at ANY time, or even provide more photos (if available), just email me. I can usually get back to you in less than one day, but don't wait for the last minute.




Positive feedback PLEASE, and I will for you too in return (and always do!).
As the buyer, I require that you must submit feedback FIRST.


Thanks, and good luck!